Alive Magazine Profiles Javelin/NoCoast Partner Jon Maurice

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Jon Maurice, Partner at Javelin and Executive Producer at NoCoast Originals, and his wife, Laura, co-star of Resale Royalty and fashion retail entrepreneur, were recently highlighted in an article about St. Louis power couples.  For the full article see this; for the relevant portion see below.  Thanks, Alive Magazine!

Authenticity, heritage, genuine stories from the heartland…these aren’t words you typically hear describing reality TV shows. And that’s exactly what makes Jon Maurice’s NoCoast Originals stand out from the pack. Along with Rachel Zoe Productions and Coolfire Originals, Jon and his partners are bringing St. Louis some national attention with shows like “Resale Royalty” on the Style Network.

“There was a big hillbilly play going on, and we thought there was an opportunity to take a look at something that was a little deeper and richer,” Jon says. “In the Midwest, we had access to characters the coasts didn’t have.” Access, it turns out, was one thing he had in spades. Capitalizing on the popularity of family stories in the reality realm, “Resale Royalty” features his wife of 10 years, Laura Maurice, plus his mother-in-law Sue McCarthy and sister-in-law Diana Ford and their work at local designer resale shop Women’s Closet Exchange.

The natural progression toward the show happened while “just observing Sue, Laura and Diana in their environment. Their ability to never stop talking sort of led us to believe it was the way to go,” says Jon, who serves as executive producer along with Zoe. For Laura, the burst of notoriety is all well and good, but the growth in the shop’s most lucrative service, in-home closet buys, is what’s most exciting. Laura came on board at WCE, the business her mother founded 25 years ago, in 1997, then started Purple Cow and Clique to fill niches for kids and teens. All told, WCE buys and sells more than 1,000 items a day. At that pace, the “Resale Royalty” stars are too busy to worry about whether they’re saying or doing the right thing in front of the camera. Laura’s Midwestern sensibility resonates with many of the show’s viewers, and it’s easy to see why. “From the beginning, I never wanted to do a show that you couldn’t sit and watch with your kids, and I feel great about it,” she says.

Jon’s oldest son, Anthony, works with him, which makes it especially ironic that the Maurices’ two youngest sons—5-year-old Raphael and 9-year-old Henry—aren’t phased by the show at all. Family is central to the Maurices’ lives. They often vacation as a group, and Jon, a passionate cook, can be found whipping up meals of Thai food, exploring recipes from his vintage cookbook collection or making his grandmother’s risotto. His other avocation is as a serial entrepreneur. He is a partner in multiple clothing lines, two bike shops, a pool toy company and a bar, in addition to the partner-level work he does at Javelin, an experiential marketing firm boasting clients like Bacardi, Grey Goose, MTV and Samsung. Not to mention, NoCoast has more reality shows in the works, plus ideas for branching out into scripted television.

But when the Maurices focus on their day-to-day, they get a twinkle in their eye. “We just celebrated our 10-year anniversary…I think we high-fived each other in the hall, but it works for us,” Laura says.



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